Use Cases

Maintain and grow your business by relying on PeriShip for time sensitive, critical, and perishable shipments.

assorted raw fish


Moving perishable food products efficiently through the supply chain is complex—and when your customers order from you, they expect the freshest ingredients and a superior product. At PeriShip, our team of professionals treats your shipment as if it were their own tracking, and monitoring your package each step of the way.

baby being checked with stethoscope


Healthcare products are used to help people feel better, so it is important that customers can be assured that they are purchasing authentic items. How do you ensure proper handling with precise unit-level traceability? PeriShip provides end-to-end visibility, traceability, and proactive communication on shipment status, providing valuable information throughout transit.

bottled coronavirus vaccines

Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines

As a distributor and manufacturer of these therapies, how do you minimize re-ships, ensure accurate dosing and provide assurance that these therapies arrive within their time and temperature parameters? PeriShip ensures that your product will reach its destination as planned, resolving difficult problems by fine-tuning the delivery logistics through proactive communication.

suit on mannequin


Perhaps you are a flower shop, an automotive parts manufacturer, a custom printer, or an atelier. In any of these and many more examples, your wares are one-of-a-kind and typically time sensitive. At PeriShip, we offer a full suite of traceability, brand protection, and data-driven consumer engagement solutions to bolster your brand experience.

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