Gain confidence that your shipments will arrive on time and intact with PeriShip.

PeriShip offers a suite of risk avoidance services for shippers of packages where perishability and criticality are key. Working together to reduce your risk exposure, we enhance your brand, and minimize overall package transaction costs for shipper and carrier.

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Weather Reporting

Get weather forecasting for your origins and destinations from our on-staff meteorologist. With PeriShip, you will know when to ship to minimize exposure, you will be able to pivot to accommodate forecasted weather events, and make informed shipping decisions. Our experts provide intelligence on current weather patterns as well as predictive analytics for severe systems.

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Monitoring & Intervention

Rely on us to proactively monitor and manage your sensitive shipments. Our industry specific team and tech enabled precision logistic processes ensure that your shipment has the best chance of arriving at its destination intact and on schedule. If issues arise, Periship is there to advise you of alternate shipping plans and to make sure your end customer has an exceptional brand experience.

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