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Healthcare is an exceedingly broad term, but at its core these items are all about attaining and supporting optimal physical well-being. Since these products are used to help people feel better, it is incredibly important that customers can be assured that they are purchasing and using authentic items.

Within the global market for healthcare items, the threat of diversion and counterfeiting is growing. These products sometimes require specific shipping conditions to reduce the risk of damage in transit. How do you ensure proper delivery and take advantage of item-level traceability?


What PeriShip Does

We provide end-to-end visibility, traceability, and proactive communication as to the status of each shipment in transit, providing valuable information, intervening when and if needed.

PeriShip tracks every product from origin to consumer. Product management and consumer insights are available through our easy to manage dashboard, providing enhanced visibility and control. Traceability and provenance data can be validated throughout the journey to the consumer. Manufacturers are now able to know what product is being shipped across the globe and to whom.

Common Healthcare Items


Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical alternatives that claim physiological benefits in preventing or treating diseases. Our traceability functionality helps ensure that the right product arrives at the retailer and ultimately in the customer’s hands, making sure your brand integrity is protected.

Over the Counter Drugs

While product recalls have occurred over many years, it brings to mind that there should be a better way to verify the journey of these these important medications. En route to a consumer’s shopping cart or medicine cabinet, Periship can help ensure that your brand and your customers are protected.

Personal Healthcare

By its very nature, healthcare products are meant to support and promote good health. However, if items purchased are counterfeit or murky provenance is suspected what is the savvy consumer to do? PeriShip unit-level traceability solutions can help.

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