PeriShip works with some fantastic companies and we're thrilled to hear their praise. Click on the logos below to see what our partners have to say about us. If you're a partner with PeriShip and would like to be featured on our testimonials page please send us an e-mail at info@periship.com

Chuckanut Bay Foods

"On Wednesday we had two packages that were extremely critical, and needed to arrive in Florida or else the meeting we had set up with a potential customer would be for naught. When all of our other packages were moving seamlessly, of course, these two had been held up in Memphis with no chance of making it to Florida before the meeting on Thursday. We needed a life line, and that is where Daniela and the PeriShip team stepped up to turn this into a hopeful situation. The conversation started at 5am EST and finally came to closure at 9:50 pm EST, after 20+ phone calls. Through the entire experience, Daniela was working behind the scenes, and after work hours, to make sure our two critical packages would make the only flight departing Memphis to Florida for the rest of the day. During that time we were on edge hoping all the work had paid off and the packages were on their way. Once the packages had arrived in Jacksonville, Daniela had arranged for the whole team to search for our boxes so they could go out for delivery that night. With PeriShip's hard work and dedication, both packages were received successfully and the meetings went extremely well! Chuckanut Bay Foods, deeply appreciates everything that went into making this situation turn from a hopeless feeling to a triumphant day. Thank you for pulling through for us when we needed it most."

Chuckanut Bay Foods | Washington

Uoriki Fresh

"The Periship logistics solution is the way to prevent lost shipments, reduce labor hours, and keep happy customers. Truly an integral part of our business."

Uoriki Fresh | New Jersey

Wild Salmon Seafood Market

"Our partnership with PeriShip allows us to ship with a greater peace of mind, as their "behind the scenes" work ensures our deliveries will be made on time..."

Wild Salmon Seafood Market

Murray's Cheese

"The PeriShip label seals confidence with each shipment. Their above-and-beyond service allows us to focus on development instead of shipping exceptions."

Murray's Cheese | New York

Fat Witch Bakery

"PeriShip defines the word service, always resolving problems and answering questions. Our brownies are baked without preservatives, so it's imperative that our packages arrive in a timely fashion."

Fat Witch Bakery | New York

Ben's Chili Bowl

"Since 2002 Ben's Chili Bowl has been shipping perishable items."

Ben's Chili Bowl | Washington, D.C.

American Mussel Harvesters Inc

"I wanted to drop you a note to tell you just how great your team and the PeriShip service has been for American Mussel Harvesters..."

American Mussel Harvesters Inc | Rhode Island

We Take the Cake

"The superlative customer service from Periship is a huge competitive advantage that their competitors simply cannot match."

We Take the Cake

Peninsula Processing & Smokehouse

"PeriShip and their exquisite team has become the irreplaceable asset our company needed to oversee the daily progress of our shipments. We are able to focus more of our time and energy on our customers, resulting in continued growth for our company. It's a Win Win!!"

Peninsula Processing & Smokehouse

Perini Ranch

"Our overall experience has been fantastic! We have become much more efficient since partnering with PeriShip - they have taken a lot of the weight off our shoulders in regards to monitoring packages and they update us so often that we very rarely have to worry about anything."

Perini Ranch